Party Extras

Let us help you customize your party to your exact specifications. Your Party Host will assist you.

Invitations and paper products are free with all parties. You may bring your own cake, candles and goodie bags.

However, no outside food or drink is permitted for your party.

Party Extras can be ordered upon arrival and are readily available.

You will not be charge for any drinks that we can return to inventory.

Available Party Favorites:

16" Cheese Pizza (12 slices): In-House Cooked $13.00 each
16" Pepperoni Pizza (12 slices): In-House Cooked $15.00 each
2 Liter Soda/Lemonade $ 3.00 each
Assorted Chips - Individually Packaged $ 0.75 each
Juice Boxes $ 0.75 each
Bottled Water -16.9 oz $ 0.75 each
Ice Cream Cups $ 0.75 each
Colorful Helium Balloons (currently unavailable) $ 1.75 each
Goodie Gift with Assorted Novelties $5.75 per gift

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