We get a lot of questions. Please review our FAQs or contact us at 508-987-1141.
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Q. How do I reserve a party at Zoink's Fun Factory?

For your convenience, you can book online, or call 508-987-1141 to schedule a party! It's that simple!

Q. Is a deposit required to schedule a party?

Yes, a $100 non-refundable deposit is required to schedule or reserve a party date.
We must have a valid credit card in the parent host's name on file. The balance of the total party cost will be due on the day of your party.

Q. How many guests am I allowed to invite?

FUNapalooza Parties have a standard guest count of 25. Please remember that the guest of honor plays for free as well as adults (over 18), and are not included in the final guest count! We have party seating for up to 30 guests, however there will be a $10 charge per additional guest; and also have additional seating for parents.

"THE CHALLENGE" Parties have a standard guest count of 16, including the guest of honor.
There will be a $10 charge per additional guest. Parents are free.

For adult, club or corporate parties, please contact us directly at 508-987-1141.

Q. Why should we put 10 minutes time sooner than our party actually starts on our invitations?

We suggest that your guests have a 10 minute window to arrive (As many guests will be 15 minutes late). This way all of your party guests will be there when your party starts, to hear the rules and get your child's full play time.

Q. How early should I arrive before my party?

It is best if you arrive the same time your party does (10-15 minutes early). Our party host will take care of all the set-up so you don't need to. Just arrive with your guests and let our party host take care of everything.

Q. Can I bring my own food to the party?

You can bring your own birthday cake and candles. However, we do not allow any other outside food and/or beverages.

Q. What else do I need to bring in besides my cake and candles?

We provide everything. We have a cake knife and our hosts will cut and serve it for you! Just show up and we'll take care of everything.

Q. What should my guest bring to the party?

All guests should bring socks and a signed waiver form. We do have socks available for purchase should someone happen to forget theirs. Waiver forms are can be printed online or can also be filled out at facility.

Q. Do all the parents need to stay at the party?

The Parent or Guardian of the guest of honor is required to stay at the party. Other adults (over 18) are welcome to stay and play for free, but not required.

Q. Can I have more than one guest of honor?

You can have a two guest of honor party for an additional charge of $30. When you do we try to provide you with two party hosts to take care of ALL your party needs, including serving cake and pizza, opening presents and cleaning everything up!

Q. Do you have a special party chair for the guest of honor?

We have a large throne chairs for our guest(s) of honor. These chairs and our party host make your child the center of attention throughout the party.

Q. Will there be someone in the party room to help serve the cake/pizza/etc.?

Yes! You will have your own personal party host throughout the party. They will do everything to make your party absolutely perfect! From set up to clean up, they will take care of it all!

Q. What type of pizza do you serve?

Because we want the best for your occasion, we cook our pizzas in-house. Cheese and Pepperoni are our standard toppings, if you request or require others, do not hesitate to ask and we will try to accommodate all requests.

Q. How many people does one pizza serve?

There are 12 party cut slices in one 16" pizza. Four pizzas should feed the kids in a full party, but many parents decide to go for more depending upon the age of the children and number of adults attending.

Q. What if less or more kids show up than I had anticipated?

If you have last minute changes to your pizza order, please let us know when you check-in so we can make arrangements. For drinks, ice cream and goodie bags, you will only be charged for the number actual offered at your party.

Q. Can I bring my own decorations and party supplies?

Absolutely! Although, with every party we provide basic party supplies and a fully decorated room, we understand that you may want a particular theme. You are more than welcome to bring in your own paper products and tablecloths. Please give your supplies to your host when you arrive so things can be setup and you can enjoy the party.

Q. Can I bring confetti or hang streamers?

We have gone to great lengths to professionally decorate our facility, so we ask that you bring only table decorations and nothing can be hung on the walls. Absolutely no confetti or silly string will be allowed in or outside the facility. If you use them you may be subject to a $25 clean-up fee.

Q. Can there be multiple family members on one waiver?

Yes! There is no reason to fill out a separate waiver for each member of your family.
Just make sure all names are included on the form.

Q. Can I download the waiver from your website?

You sure can, in fact we encourage it in order to save time during check in! Click here!

Q. Is there supervision in the Play Arenas?

Absolutely! We not only provide a personal party host, but we also have fun and friendly
staff in the Play Arenas supervising all the children so you can relax and enjoy the party!

Q. Can we start our party in the party room instead of the bounce arena?

Unfortunately, all parties are scheduled to begin in the play arenas and end in the party room.
Bouncing on a full stomach is not recommended.

Q. Can I spend more time in the Play Arena and less time in the party room?

In order to keep our parties running smoothly, we cannot extend bounce time or party time.

Q. Once in the party room, can guest re-enter the Play Arena?

In order to keep our parties private, you not be able to re-enter the Play Arena after you have moved to the party room. More than likely, there will be another party enjoying their play time.

Q. Can I give my party host a tip?

Tipping is greatly appreciated, but not required. If you feel your party host has done a great job please feel free to tip. A 10% tip is customary but how much you give should be dependent on how great the party host was.

Q. When should I order pizza, goodie bags, or other party extras?

We prepare and cook pizzas in-house. This allows us to adjust any pizza, drink or other party extras order based upon how many children attend and how many parents stay...and what you would like to offer. So, orders can be made upon arrival.

Q. Can I bring my own drinks/food?

For your convenience, we offer food and beverage for your event. You can bring your own birthday cake; however, we do not allow any other outside food and/or beverages. If there is a medical related concern, please discuss with your party coordinator once you have booked your party.

Q. Can I bring my own goodie bags?

If you are not purchasing our popular deluxe goodie bags, you are welcome to bring in your own.

Q. Are there any additional items I need to bring to the party?

Socks and signed waiver forms are required for all individuals playing in the arenas.
In order to make the event hassle-free for you, we offer a variety of party extras. We try to provide you everything you need from pizza, drinks, and ice cream; to balloons and goodie bags.

Q. How often do you clean your equipment?

All play structures are thoroughly cleaned nightly with additional cleaning during operating times as needed. We promote and encourage the use of our hand sanitizing devices by patrons and employees that are located through our facility.

Q. What if I need to cancel my party?

We require at least 21 days advance notice if you need to cancel your party in order to avoid additional charges. You will not be refunded the deposit if you cancel. If you cancel 8-20 days prior to the party, you will be responsible for 50% of the total party price. If you cancel less than
7 days prior to the party, you will be responsible for 100% of the total party price.

As long as you reschedule your party within 3 months of the original party date, you can transfer your deposit and will not be charged additional charges.

Q. Can I have alcohol for the adults?

Since we are a children's party facility we do not allow alcohol. But we do have vending machines to satisfy your palate.

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